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Privacy Policy

İşlem Ambalaj will not share personal information transmitted by digital environment with third parties (in accordance with the privacy policy). In order to identify the problems related to the system and to solve the technical problems that may occur on the site as soon as possible, İşlem Ambalaj identifies and uses the IP addresses of the users when necessary. IP addresses can be used to identify users in a general way and without compromising their personality rights to collect comprehensive demographic information.

Users may need to provide personal information (name, surname, phone, address, email, etc.) to İşlem Ambalaj. İşlem Ambalaj can use this information to communicate with the user when necessary. İşlem Ambalaj may link to other sites within the official website. İşlem Ambalaj does not bear any responsibility for the privacy practices and content of the sites accessed through the link. Your personal information includes any information that identifies the user. İşlem Ambalaj will not disclose your personal information to third parties for which you are not cooperating unless otherwise stated in the privacy policy.

While Google AFS ads are directed to Transaction Packaging, Google may place cookies on Google users' browsers, read cookies contained therein, or use information to collect information and web beacons. İşlem Ambalaj may make changes to its privacy policy at any time by publishing from its website. The provisions of the privacy policy modified by İşlem ambalaj shall enter into force on the date of publication and shall apply only to the official website.